Find The Time to Reach Your Goals

We are on Week 42 of Sheréa VéJauan's Goal Slayers Boot Camp.

This week, we challenged our Goal Slayers to find an extra hour that they can devote to making progress towards their goals. For five work days, commit to spending twelve minutes each day on this.This adds up to an extra hour per week spent working on your goal.

In a year, that would be 52 hours applied to success.

Choose a daily action you can perform for 12 minutes every day that will help you achieve your goal. Make sure you focus 100% of your attention on that action. You'll be surprised how much you can accomplish in 12 minutes if you use them wisely.

Additionally, you can wake up one hour earlier every week. In a year, you will gain 52 hours.

I’m excited to hear about what you’ll do this week. Have a fabulous week!

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