Welcome to Sheréa VéJauan's 5-day Water Drinking Challenge!

This challenge will last 5 days and will guide you through the process of drinking more water on a regular basis. Not only will you log your water each day to make sure you drink the minimum amount required, but you will also learn new benefits of drinking water and some excellent tips for making it taste delicious and keeping up with your water drinking goals.

Throughout the challenge, we will go more into the many benefits of drinking water, but for now, here is a brief list of some benefits you get by drinking more:

  • Avoid dehydration
  • Have healthier skin, hair and nails
  • Decrease your appetite to help you lose weight
  • Stay full in between meals
  • Cleanse your body of bad toxins
  • Maintain a healthy body and mind

Course curriculum

    1. Important! Consult with Your Physician or Other Healthcare Professional

    2. What you'll learn in this course

    3. My Story

    4. 5 -day Water Challenge Count Down

    5. A Few Things To Do Before The Challenge

    6. My 5-day Water Drinking Challenge Goals

    7. My Water Challenge Affirmations

    8. My Vision

    9. Get Your Shopping List Together

    1. Day #1 Calculate How Much Water You Need Every day

    1. Day #2 Elevate - Try Fruit-Infused Water

    1. Day #3 Educate yourself on the benefits of drinking water

    1. Day #4 Automate: Make Drinking Water Automatic

    1. Day #5 Find ways to stay motivated after the challenge

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